Azure (AZ-900) flashcards

A deck of flashcards I made in order to learn Azure and prepare for the AZ-900 exam: AZ-900.mochi. It is in the Mochi format.

Spaced repetition is a research-backed learning technique [1, 2, 3]. It is great for learning languages and other declarative knowledge. Mochi is an app that enables you to create decks of flashcards, which it gives you spaced repetition tests (reviews) on periodically. During a review, you are asked whether you could remember the card's answer, and if you could there is a longer delay before the next review. If you couldn't there's a shorter delay. Thus you are tested on cards you need to learn more frequently than cards you know. This helps the cards to get into your long-term memory.


  1. Why we can’t remember what we learn and what to do about it.
  2. How to Remember Anything Forever-ish.
  3. What Works, What Doesn't.